The Project Team

SCS5/5/1 1430-31 to show style of handwriting

Professor Michael Hicks (University of Winchester) Director, Overland Trade Project The Overland Trade Project was launched in 2002, its prime purpose being to digitise the Brokage Books, enabling them to be searched and analysed electronically and thus to fulfil their historical potential. It was the idea of Professor Hicks who imagined a database linked to a mapping system that would enable the results to be visualised across time and space.

Dr Winifred Harwood (University of Winchester), Research Fellow, Overland Trade Project Dr. Harwood transcribed and translated nine of the Brokage Books, extracted the data from all thirteen brokage books (for twelve years) that underpin the project, and entered this information into the database.

As Phase 1 of the project, Dr. Harwood developed the prototype book of 1447-8, resolving any technical issues in database structure. The 1447-8 book was published in CD and hard copy formats.

Andy Murdock (Geodata Institute, University of Southampton), GIS Consultant

Andy and his team at the GeoData Institute at Southampton University devised the software that enables the Overland Trade Database to be linked to a GIS mapping system.

Julia Branson (Geodata Institute, University of Southampton), Database Design & Development