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Commodity (item)Sub-categoryDesignated unitMeasurements used in original textCategory and definition*
almondsspicesbalebags, bale, balette, barrel, butt, C, hogshead, pipe, puncheonconsumables food and drink; produce of the almond tree
alummordantsbalebags, bale, balette, barrel, butt, C, clocket, hogshead, pipe, quarter, sack, tunwool and cloth trade; mordant for fixing the dye in cloth
anchorsanchorsunitunitsconstruction and shipping trade;
aniseedspicesbalebale, little baletteconsumables food and drink; seed of anise used in medicine, confectionary and perfumes
applesfruitsconsignmentbarrel, basket, pipe, load, quarterconsumables food and drink
bankersfurnishingsunitunitshousehold goods
barleygrainconsignmentload, quarterconsumables food and drink;
barrelscontainersunitunits, loadpackaging, wooden container used for storing and transporting goods
barrels, emptycontainersunitunits, loadpackaging; as above
barrels, galleycontainersunitunits, loadpackaging; as above
barrels, smallcontainersunitunitspackaging; as above
basketscontainersconsignmentbarrel, bundle, unitspackaging; woven container used for transporting goods particuarly fruit
bastardsclothunitunits, cartloadtextiles; a woollen cloth
beansvegetablesquarterload, quartersconsumables food and drink
beddingfurnishingsloadloadhousehold goods
bedsfurnishingsunitunitshousehold goods;
beds, featherbedsfurnishingsunitunitshousehold goods; mattress stuffed with feathers
beerbeergallondolium, loadconsumables food and drink
bells, greatmetalwareunitunitsreligious
biscuitsfoodloadloadconsumables food and drink; a kind of crisp dry bread
boardswoodloadload, unitsconstruction and shipping trade
boatsboatsunitunitsconstruction and shipping trade
bolstersfurnishingsunitunitshousehold goods
bottlescontainersunitunitspackaging; vessel with a narrow neck for holding liquids
bowls, brassmetalwareunitunitshousehold goods
bowls, washingutensils and equipmentunitunitshousehold goods
bowsweaponsunitunitsmilitary; weapon for shooting arrows
bowstavesweaponsunitcartload, C where C equal to 120military; length of wood used to make into bows
boxstavesmiscellaneousunitunits, valueindustrial raw materials; lengths of wood used to make a box
brangrainloadloadconsumables food and drink
brasildyesbalebale, C, fardelwool and cloth trade; red dye made from wood of East Indian tree Sappan
brassmetalwareCbundle, C, hogshead, loadhousehold goods
brass, oldmetalwareCbasket, Chousehold goods
breadbreadunitunitsconsumables food and drink
bricks non specificbricksloadcart, loadconstruction and shipping trade
Bridgewatersclothunitunitstextiles; a type of cloth - Cloth of Assize Bridgwater was equal to half a standard cloth
brimstonecombustiblesbuttbarrel, buttmilitary; sulphur
broadclothsclothunitunitstextiles; type of cloth
brushesutensils and equipmentbundlebasket, bundlehousehold goods
calicoclothbundlefardeltextiles; one of the oldest cottons, originating in Calcutta, India, generally plain white, coarse and light weight
candlescandlesunitbarrel, dozen, valuehousehold goods
candlesticksutensils and equipmentunitunitshousehold goods; object for holding a candle
canes non specificcanesunitunitsconstruction and shipping trade
cansmetalwareconsignmenthousehold goods
canvasclothhalf fardelbale, balette, bolt, C, cart, fardel, gybbe, packtextiles; a strong or coarse unbleached cloth made of hemp or flax
canvas, Vitryclothhalf fardelfardel, half fardeltextiles; type of canvas taking name from town in Brittany
cardstools and equipmentconsignmentbarrel, basket, dozen, hogshead, pack, pipe, puncheonwool and cloth trade; pieces of wood on which were fixed pieces of leather with nails inserted, used for disentangling fibres of wool prior to spinning
carpetsfurnishingspackpackhousehold goods; coarse or thick cloth used to cover tables and beds as well as floors
casks, emptycontainersunitunitspackaging
cauldronsutensils and equipmentunitC, unitshousehold goods
chalkchalk and limeloadcart, loadconstruction and shipping trade
chamlett clothclothpackfardel, packtextiles; (chamelet, chamblette, in text) a fine, lustrous woollen fabric made of camel hair, angora wool or silk
cheesedairy produceconsignmentload, valueconsumables food and drink
chestscontainersunitunits, valuepackaging
cidercidergallonpipeconsumables food and drink
cinnamonspicesbalebale, balette, butt, case, chest, tuns, valueconsumables food and drink; inner bark of an East Indian tree, dried in rolls and used as a spice
clapholtwoodCthe great C contained 2400industrial raw materials; split timber, often oak, used for making barrel staves
clayclaycartloadcartloadconstruction and shipping trade
cloth non specificclothconsignmentcart, cloths, load, packstextiles
clovesspicesCbale, balette, C, quarterconsumables food and drink
coal non specificcoalquarterC, chaldron, load, cart, wainfuel
coal, seacoalloadload, quarterfuel
codfishbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink; marine fish
cod's bonesfishbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink
cod's headsfishbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink
coffers, ship'scontainersunitunitspackaging; ship's chest used for storing or transporting valuable items
combstools and equipmentunitpouchwool and cloth trade
comfitsconfectionsCbarrel, C, valueconsumables food and drink; sweetmeats made of fruit, root etc. and preserved with sugar
cordsropeCC, quintalconstruction and shipping trade
corkcorkbarrelbarrel, bundle, butt, C, sackindustrial raw materials
corngrainconsignmentcart, load, quarterconsumables food and drink
cotton non specificcottonbalebag, balette, C, piece, poke, sacktextiles
cotton russetsclothunitdozentextiles
coverletsfurnishingspackpack, valuehousehold goods
crocksutensils and equipmentcartloadcarthousehold goods
cuminspicesbalebag, bale, barrel, little balette, fardelconsumables food and drink
cupboardsfurnishingsunitunitshousehold goods
cupsutensils and equipmentunitunits; custom per dozenhousehold goods; drinking vessel; custom 0.25d per dozen
currantsspicesbuttbag, barrel, hogshead, pipe, sack, valueconsumables food and drink
datesspicesconsignmentbale, butt, C, frail, hogshead, pipeconsumables food and drink; fruit of the date palm
dishesutensils and equipmentdozendozenhousehold goods
drapesfurnishingsunitfardel, unitshousehold goods
dredgeraw product baking and brewingbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink
drywaresmiscellaneouspipebarrel, fardel, hogshead, vatmiscellaneous
earthern potsutensils and equipmentconsignmentvaluehousehold goods
eelsfishbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink
eels, congersfishconsignmentburden, barrel, C, hogshead, load, quarterconsumables food and drink
feathershousehold goodssackbag, sackhousehold goods
fell powderpowderpipepipe, tunwool and cloth trade; powder for treating skins
figsspicespieceC, frail, quarter, sack, sort, toppettconsumables food and drink; fruit of the fig tree
fish non specificfishCbarrel, burden, loadconsumables food and drink
fish oiloilbarrelbarrel, butt, hogshead, pipeconsumables food and drink; train oil comes from boiling the blubber from whales or seals; in this period could also be fish oil, especially cod liver oil
fish, broadfishCburden, Cconsumables food and drink
fish, dryfishCC, hogshead, pipeconsumables food and drink
fish, greenfishburdenburdenconsumables food and drink; fish pickled in brine
fish, NewfoundlandfishCbarrel, burdenconsumables food and drink; salted fish
fish, saltedfishconsignmentburden, C, quarterconsumables food and drink; fish preserved in brine
fish, smallfishCCconsumables food and drink
flaxraw product yarnconsignmentbale, C, hogshead, packwool and cloth trade
flockswoolCCwool and cloth trade; a material consisting of refuse wool or cloth shearings used for stuffing mattresses and similar
flourraw product bakingquarterquarterconsumables food and drink
frieseclothpieceload, pack, piece, rolltextiles; a kind of coarse woollen cloth
fruit juicefruitssortesorteconsumables food and drink
fruit non specificfruitspiecebasket, C, cart, frail, quarter, sort, toppetconsumables food and drink
fuller's earthearthbarrelbarrelwool and cloth trade; a sedimentary clay used in the cleaning or fulling process for woollen cloth
furshides and skinsbalettbaletteskins hides leather
fustianclothpiecepiecetextiles; a cloth made of cotton and flax used for clothes or bedding
gallnutsdyesbalebags, bale wool and cloth trade; growths produced on trees, particularly oak trees, from which tannin could be extracted used in making textile dyes, ink and for medicinal purposes
garfishfishconsignmentvalueconsumables food and drink
garlicvegetablesCbunch, C (where C = 120 long hundred), quarterconsumables food and drink;
gingerspicesbalebale, balette, barrel, consumables food and drink; hot fragrant spice made from the rhizome of a plant
ginger, greenspicesbarrelbarrel, valueconsumables food and drink; rhizome of ginger harvested before it was fully ripe and, almost certainly, preserved before being sent overseas
girthsleatherconsignmentquintalriding equipment; a belt or band of leather or cloth placed round the body of a horse used to secure a saddle or pack
girthwebsleatherconsignmentriding equipment; woven material from which girths are made
glass, glassesglasscasecase, hogshead, valuehousehold goods; tableware was usually imported; English glass was used for general domestic purposes such as bottles, and English window glass was inferior to continental imports
gowns clothingunitchestdress; form of clothing
graindyesbalepipe, tunwool and cloth trade; a brilliant scarlet coloured dye, the costliest dye; made from the insects kermes
Greek women and childrenpassengersloadloadpeople
greyworkfursbarrelbarrelskins hides leather; squirrel fur
grinding stonesstoneunitunits, valuemilling; stone used for sharpening metal objects
grinding stones, littlestoneunitunitsmilling; as above
gum arabicgumbalebale, balette,industrial raw materials; from the accacia tree a water-soluble gum, used by scribes and illustrators
gurnard*fishconsignmentpound, pipeconsumables food and drink; a large marine fish
haberdasheryhaberdashery and merceryconsignmentbarrel, basket, hogsheadhaberdashery and mercery
haddockfishbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink
hakefishCbarrel, burden, butt, C, pack, quarterconsumables food and drink; according to Flavin and Jones there are 120 hake in the C;
hake, driedfishCCconsumables food and drink
hake, saltfishCCconsumables food and drink
harnessesleatherconsignmentbarrel, bundle, buttriding equipment; straps, usually of leather, fitted to a horse for control purposes
hatsclothingdozenbasket, bundle, dozendress
hats, feltclothingdozendozendress
hats, strawclothingdozenbasket, dozendress
hempropeCbale, barrel, sackconstruction and shipping trade; annual herbaceous plant cultivated for its fibre, used for making cordage
hennadyesCwool and cloth trade
herringfishbarrelbarrel, butt, C, cade, firkin, hogsheadconsumables food and drink
herring, fullfishbarrelbarrel, cade, lastconsumables food and drink
herring, redfishbarrelbarrel, cade, caskconsumables food and drink; herring salted and smoked
herring, red, schotfishbarrelbarrel, cade, lastconsumables food and drink
herring, shotfishbarrelbarrel, cade, lastconsumables food and drink
herring, whitefishbarrelbarrel, cade, firkin, kilderkinconsumables food and drink; herring fresh or preserved in brine
hides non specifichides and skinsunitcart, dicker, unitsskins hides leather
hides, cowhides and skinsunitunitsskins hides leather
hides, dryhides and skinsunitCskins hides leather
hides, tannedhides and skinsunitdicker, unitsskins hides leather
honeysweetenersbarrelbarrel, pipeconsumables food and drink
hopsraw product brewingsackbag, C, cart, load, sack, valueconsumables food and drink; female flower of the plant Humulus Lupulus used in beer production
horses, amblinganimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, bayanimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, blackanimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, black and whiteanimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, black, geldinganimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, brown, bayanimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, chestnutanimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, dunanimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, dun, geldinganimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, geldinganimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, greyanimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, grey and whiteanimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, grey, geldinganimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, red, bayanimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, sorrelanimalsunitunitslivestock
horses, whiteanimalsunitunitslivestock
household goodshousehold goodsloadbundle, cart, loadhousehold goods
ironmetalwareCC, dolium, ends, load, pipe, tonindustrial raw materials; metal with a variety of uses, e.g. for making implements, tools and weapons
iron, high qualitymetalwarebarrelbarrel, valueindustrial raw materials
iron, osmondmetalwarebarrelbarrelindustrial raw materials;
kerseysclothconsignmentdozen, fardel, load, pack, piecetextiles; a coarse narrow cloth, made from long wool, usually ribbed, originally from Kersey in Suffolk; used to make hose
kerseys, rejectclothconsignmentpack, piecetextiles
kettlesutensils and equipmentbasketbaskethousehold goods
kylettclothfardelbalette, half fardeltextiles
cloth, Lambale clothfardelfardeltextiles
lampreysfishconsignmentconsumables food and drink
lanyardsropebagbagconstruction and shipping trade
lathswoodcartloadcartloadconstruction and shipping trade; a thin narrow strip of wood used in the making of a wall or ceiling
leadmetalwareconsignmentC, cart, fother, load, valueindustrial raw materials
leatherhides and skinsconsignmentdicker, load, pack, unitsskins hides leather
lemonsfruitsbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink
Lent stuffLent stuffloadloadconsumables food and drink
licoriceflavouringsbalebag, balemedicinal; rhizome of the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra; made from the evaporated juice of rhizome for sweetmeats and medicinal uses
limechalk and limeloadcart, loadconstruction and shipping trade
linenclothclothconsignmentbale, balette, C, fardel, pack, rolltextiles
linencloth, Dowlasclothfardelfardel, piece, small fardeltextiles; a coarse linen cloth from Brittany south east of Brest
linencloth, of Irelandclothconsignmenttextiles
lingfishconsignmentburden, Cconsumables food and drink
litmusdyesconsignmentbags, C, sackswool and cloth trade; letmoss, litmus
London waresvarious merchandiseloadloadmiscellaneous
macespicesbalebale, valueconsumables food and drink; an aromatic spice; the reddish fleshy outer covering of the nutmeg, dried and ground as a spice
mackerelfishbarrelbarrel, Cconsumables food and drink
madderdyesbalebale, balette, C, clocketwool and cloth trade; reddish purple dyestuff obtained from the root of the plant Rubia Tinctorum; also used medicinally
maltraw product brewingquarterbushel, cart, cartload, quarterconsumables food and drink; barley or other grain prepared for brewing
marblestoneunitunitsindustrial raw materials
marble, householdstoneconsignmentindustrial raw materials
market stallsmarket stallsmarket stalls; the broker collected payment for market stalls 1d per day 'for showing'
maslingrainquarterquarterconsumables food and drink
mazersutensils and equipmentunitunitshousehold goods; a hardwood drinking bowl
merceryhaberdashery and merceryconsignmentpack, piecehaberdashery and mercery
metalwaresmetalwareconsignmenthousehold goods
millstonesstoneunitunitsmilling; a pair of circular stones which grind corn by rotation of the upper stone on the lower
millstones, smallstoneunitunitsmilling; small millstones were sometimes referred to as 'Doggstones' a smaller version of a millstone
milwellfishCburden, C, quarterconsumables food and drink; fish of the cod family
miscellaneous goodsmiscellaneousconsignmentbundle, chest, fardel, loadmiscellaneous
Molton whitesclothpackpacktextiles; type of cloth, perhaps the same as Molton cloth, which was a kind of coarse, heavily fulled cloth with the warp of hemp and the weft of poor quality carding wool
mortarsutensils and equipmentunitunithousehold goods; a cup shaped receptacle in which ingredients are crushed or ground
muscadelwinegallonbarrelconsumables food and drink; a sweet white wine made from muscat or similar grapes
mustwinegalloncap, dolium, hogshead, pipeconsumables food and drink; new wine either unfermented or before fermentation is complete
mustard quernsutensils and equipmentunitunit, valuehousehold goods; used to crush mustard seed
nails non specificnailsbarrelbarrelconstruction and shipping trade
nails, boardnailsnailsbarrellittle barrelconstruction and shipping trade; nails, presumably to nail down wooden boards
nails, lathnailsnailsbarrelbarrel, Cconstruction and shipping trade; type of headed nail used for fixing laths to battens
naperyhousehold linenspipefardel, wallethousehold goods; household linens
Northern dozensclothpacktextiles; type of woollen cloth
nutmegsspicesbalebale, barrelconsumables food and drink; spice used for culinary and medicinal purposes
nutsfruitsbarrelbag, barrel, pipe, valueconsumables food and drink
oatsgrainquarterload, quarterconsumables food and drink
oil non specificoilgallonbarrel, dolium, pipe, tunindustrial raw materials; a variety of uses and types of oil not distinguished in these records. One of the major uses of oil was in cloth production where it was used to make the yarn more pliable;
oleronsclothpiecefardel, piecetextiles; type of cloth originally made in Olerans in France
olivesfruitshogsheadhogsheadconsumables food and drink
onionsvegetablesbarrelbarrel, bushel, quarterconsumables food and drink
orangesfruitsconsignmentbarrel, basket, C, load, M, valueconsumables food and drink
orchildyesbarrelbag, barrel, sackwool and cloth trade; violet dye obtained from some lichen
orpimentpigmentsbarrelbarrelindustrial raw materials; used as a dye; painters' King's yellow, and by alchemists.
oxen, younganimalsunitunitlivestock
oystersfishloadcart, load, Mconsumables food and drink;(for an indication of quantity per cart, 30M oysters were taken out in 4 carts in 1538-39)
packs, smallcontainersunitunitpackaging
pansutensils and equipmentCbundle, Chousehold goods
paper non specificpaperbalebale, balette, ream, valuehousehold goods
paper, wrappingpaperbalebale, balette, bundle, valuepackaging; referred to as 'paper spendable'
peachesfruitsbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink
peasvegetablesquarterquarterconsumables food and drink; eaten as a vegetable or pulse when dried
pepperspicesbalebag, bale, butt, fardelconsumables food and drink; spice derived from peppercorns, the pepper plant
pepper (long)spicesbalebaleconsumables food and drink; spikes of small white berries which turn brown when washed, milder than black pepper
perrycidergallonhogsheadconsumables food and drink; drink made from fermented juice of pears
pewter vesselsmetalwareunitunithousehold goods; a grey alloy of tin and lead
pewter, variousmetalwareconsignmentChousehold goods; a grey alloy of tin and lead
pilchardsfishbarrelbarrel, hogsheadconsumables food and drink
pitchpitchbarrelbarrel, cakesconstruction and shipping trade; a sticky brown/black substance which hardens on cooling, used for waterproofing; to seal ships after caulking and to brand animals
plasterplasterloadloadconstruction and shipping trade
plaster of Parisplasterloadloadconstruction and shipping trade
plums, redfruitsbarrelbarrel, baletteconsumables food and drink; probably fresh plums, rather than preserved 'prunes'
pollockfishCburden, pipeconsumables food and drink; a marine fish
pomegranatesfruitspipepipeconsumables food and drink; type of fruit
Portuguese men women and childrenpassengersloadpeople
potsutensils and equipmentconsignmentbasket, barrel, C, load, unithousehold goods
pots and jugsutensils and equipmentbasketC, valuehousehold goods
pots and pans, metalmetalwarecartcarthousehold goods; batryware - hammered metal;
pots, Calyutensils and equipmentunitunithousehold goods
pots, Genoesefurnishingsunitbasket, unithousehold goods
pots, paintedfurnishingscasecasehousehold goods
prunes spicesconsignmentbarrel, chest, hogshead, piece, valueconsumables food and drink; dried/preserved plums
pulsesvegetablesquarterquarterconsumables food and drink
puncheons, drycasksunitunitpackaging
quiltsfurnishingsunitunithousehold goods
raisinsspicespiecebag, barrel, butt, C, cart, frail, load, piece, sports, toppysconsumables food and drink
raisins, whitespicespiecepiececonsumables food and drink
raw clothclothconsignmenttextiles
resinresinCbarrel, C, cake, piece, pipe, pound, sackindustrial raw materials; sticky flammable substance exuded by some trees
ricespicesbalebag, bale, balette, little balette, doliumconsumables food and drink
ropesropeconsignmentC, cartload, packconstruction and shipping trade; rope, cord of varying thickness, made from hemp and flax; sometimes referred to in the accounts as 'Bridportware' since Bridport was already associated with the manufacture of rope in this period
ropes and cablesropeconsignmentloadconstruction and shipping trade; see ropes
russetclothclothdozendozentextiles; a coarse woollen cloth; originally reddish-brown, a cheap, light, broadloom cloth, dyed with madder
sackwinegallonbutt, pipeconsumables food and drink
sackclothclothunittextiles; coarse fabric used mainly for bags and sacks and wrapping bales
saddlesleatherunitunitriding equipment; seat for a horse rider
saffronspicesconsignmentbarrel, case, sackconsumables food and drink; an orange-yellow spice used for flavouring and colouring food and produced from the dried stigmas of a crocus
saladesarmourunitunitsmilitary; a lightweight helmet with a vision slit or movable visor
salmonfishbarrelbarrel, butt, hogsheadconsumables food and drink
salt non specificcondiments, preservativesquartercart, load,consumables food and drink
salt, Baycondiments, preservativesquarterquarterconsumables food and drink; originating from the Bay of Borgneuf, France
salt, rejectcondiments, preservativesquarterbushel, quarterconsumables food and drink
salt, whitecondiments, preservativesquarterconsumables food and drink
saltpetrecombustiblesbarrelbale, barrelmilitary; potassium nitrate used in gunpowder; also used in dyeing and in medicines; imported from Sicily
sardinesfishbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink
scoops and shovelsutensils and equipmentdozendozenhousehold goods
scouring stonesstoneCC, valueindustrial raw materials
shearstools and equipmentunitunitwool and cloth trade
shovelsutensils and equipmentunitdozen, unithousehold goods
silkclothbalebale, C, fangot, fardel, little balettefine strong lustrous fibre produced by silkworms and woven into fabric
skins non specifichides and skinsconsignmentbale, bundle, C, cart, dozen, fardel, packskins hides leather
skins, blackhides and skinsbalebaleskins hides leather
skins, calfhides and skinsunitdozen, pack, unitskins hides leather; a form of leather
skins, lambhides and skinsunitbale, fardel, unitskins hides leather
skins, rabbithides and skinsCbasket, Cskins hides leather
skins, sheephides and skinsunitbundle, C, dozen, unitskins hides leather
slates non specificslatesconsignmentC, cart, load, Mconstruction and shipping trade; grey or bluish metamorphic rock easily split into smooth flat pieces suitable for roofing
soap non specificsoapconsignmentbarrel, case, chest, hogshead, pipe, puncheon, seronswool and cloth trade; substance used for cleaning
soap, blacksoapbarrelbarrelwool and cloth trade; cruder form of soap, coming mainly from Spain, used for industrial purposes in cloth production
soap, whitesoapconsignmentbarrel, C, case, hogshead, puncheonhousehold goods; more refined soap, coming mainly from Spain, for personal use
spices non specificspicescartbale, balette, cart, sackconsumables food and drink
spinning turnestools and equipmentunitunitwool and cloth trade; spinning wheel windlass or the like
spirecanescanesCbundle, C, valueconstruction and shipping trade
spongeshousehold goodsbagbaghousehold goods
spratsfishcadebarrel, cade, cask, last, loadconsumables food and drink; term sprat can also include many small fish including herring
sprucewarefurnishingsconsignmenthousehold goods
starch flourflourbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink
steelmetalwarebarrelbarrelindustrial raw materials
stockfishfishCC, quarter, unitconsumables food and drink; salt fish
stones, Caenstoneloadload, ton, unitconstruction and shipping trade
stones, flatstoneconsignmentconstruction and shipping trade
stones, freestonestoneunitunitconstruction and shipping trade
stones, paving (see also tiles, paving)stoneCCconstruction and shipping trade; for floors and courts
straitclothsclothconsignmentC, dozen, pack, unittextiles; straitcloths or narrow cloths of single width (1 yard) usually only 12 yards long
sturgeonfishbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink; large scaleless fish
sugarspicescasebale, barrel, baskets, butt, case, loaves, poundsconsumables food and drink
sugar, pot sugarspicespotsfrail, hogshead, pots, sportsconsumables food and drink
syrupsweetenersbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink
tablesfurnishingsunitunithousehold goods
tables, alabasterfurnishingsunitcarthousehold goods
tables, sprucefurnishingsunitunithousehold goods
tallowfuel and lightingconsignmentcart, hogshead, loadhousehold goods; substance obtained from melting animal fat and used for making candles and soap, and also to dress leather
tanning vatstools and equipmentconsignmentindustrial raw materials
tartarbarrelbarrelindustrial raw materials; flammable liquid produced from coal or wood and used as a preservative
teaselstools and equipmentskivebuden, cartload, skivewool and cloth trade; dried head of tall prickly plant used to raise nap on fabric
tennis ballsrecreationpipehogshead, pipehousehold goods; used in the game of tennis
tentewinegallonhogsheadconsumables food and drink
thread non specifichaberdashery and merceryconsignmentbutt, packhaberdashery and mercery
thread, Colognehaberdashery and merceryconsignmentbundle, dozen, pack, poundhaberdashery and mercery
thread, cottonhaberdashery and merceryconsignmentbag, balehaberdashery and mercery
thread, linenhaberdashery and merceryconsignmentbalette, C, pack, piecehaberdashery and mercery
tilestilesloadloadconstruction and shipping trade
tiles (Flanders)tilesCCconstruction and shipping trade
tiles (red)tilesloadloadconstruction and shipping trade
tiles, paving (see also stones, paving)tilesCCconstruction and shipping trade; for floors and courts, often glazed with a design
timber (see also wood)woodloadloadconstruction and shipping trade
timber, for a bedwoodpiecepiecehousehold goods
timber, greyboardwoodunitunitconstruction and shipping trade
tinmetalwarepiecebarrel, C, cart, piece, wainindustrial raw materials; a well-known metal with a variety of uses
tovy (uncleansed flax)raw product woolhogsheadhogsheadwool and cloth trade; uncleansed flax
treenutensils and equipmentbalebalehousehold goods; small domestic wooden items
trenchersutensils and equipmentbasketbasket, pouchhousehold goods; a plate or platter, wood, metal or earthernware
tunafishbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink; ton(n)y 16thC tunny, 1480 fished from ancient times in the Mediterranean
tuns (empty)containersunitpackaging; a cask of capacity 2 pipes or 2 hogsheads wine
turners waresutensils and equipmentconsignmenthousehold goods; probably wooden vessels
turpentine*medicinalbarrelbarrelconsumables food and drink; resin used for medicinal purposes
unclassified (capil?)unclassifiedconsignmentunclassified
unclassified (caprett)unclassifiedconsignmentbarrel, bundleunclassified
unclassified (cornysshe)unclassifiedconsignmentunclassified
unclassified (emmori?)unclassifiedconsignmentunclassified
unclassified (gauges)unclassifiedconsignmentunclassified
unclassified (ge*veysed)unclassifiedconsignmentbushelunclassified
unclassified (hares*)unclassifiedconsignmentunclassified
unclassified (ledokpin)unclassifiedconsignmentvalueunclassified
unclassified (magrerme)unclassifiedconsignmentunclassified
unclassified (mowsanne)unclassifiedconsignmentunclassified
unclassified (pork fat)unclassifiedconsignmentcapunclassified
unclassified (stakes)unclassifiedconsignmentpipeunclassified
unclassified (verneshe*)unclassifiedconsignmentunclassified
unclassified (wulverstone)unclassifiedconsignmentcadeunclassified
utensilsutensils and equipmentconsignmenthousehold goods
various merchandisevarious merchandiseconsignmentbarrel, cart, chest, hogsheadmiscellaneous
vatstools and equipmentunitindustrial raw materials; a large tub or container used to hold liquid, e.g. for processing leather using tannin
verdigrisverdigrisbalebaleindustrial raw materials; also medicinal
vinegarcondiments, preservativesgallonbarrel, hogshead, pipeconsumables food and drink; type of 'corrupt' wine used in cooking and for preserving food
wainscotfurnishingsunitcarthousehold goods; superior quality foreign oak imported from Russia, Germany and Holland, used for panel work
waxfuel and lightingCbale, basket, butt, C, cake, piece, quarterreligious; used for candle making and seals
Welshclothclothunitdozentextiles; probably Welsh friese cloth a coarse woollen cloth
wheatgrainconsignmentcart, load, modiis, quarterconsumables food and drink; A grain used to produce flour; in books, SC5/5/1,3,8,13,14,28,29,30, 'frumentum' was used throughout and appears in the database as 'wheat'. In booksSC5/5/33,37,38 where the original text is in English the word 'corn' is used; there is one entry for 'bladum' corn.
whiteclothclothunitpackstextiles; type of cloth
whitingfishconsignmentbarrel, basket, pipe consumables food and drink;
wickscandle wicksCCindustrial raw materials; yarn used in making candles
wine non specificwinegallonbarrel, butt, dolium, hogshead, pipeconsumables food and drink
wine, bastardwinegallonbutt, dolium, pipe, tunconsumables food and drink; sweet Spanish wine
wine, coytewinegallonbarrel, pipeconsumables food and drink
wine, malmseywinegallonbarrel, butt, little barrelconsumables food and drink; a sweet wine which later became known as madeira
wine, newwinegallonpipeconsumables food and drink
wine, redwinegallonbarrel, pipe, puncheonconsumables food and drink
wine, Rochellewinegallondoliumconsumables food and drink
wine, rumneywinegallonbutt, pipeconsumables food and drink; sweet Greek wine
wine, sweetwinegallonbarrel, butt, pipeconsumables food and drink
wine, whitewinegallonbarrelconsumables food and drink
woaddyesbalettebale, balette, C wool and cloth trade: a blue dye used by the cloth industry; recorded in balettes or half bales weighing 2C
wood ashesmordantsbarrelbarrel, semys, valuewool and cloth trade; used to provide an alkaline base for fixing dyes
wood mouldwoodrollrollconstruction and shipping trade
wood, variouswoodconsignmentconstruction and shipping trade
wool non specificwoolconsignmentcart, consignmrent, pocket, poke, sack, sarpler, wainewool and cloth trade
wool, lambswoolwoolbarrelbarrelwool and cloth trade
wool, low qualitywoolsackcart, poke, sack, sarplerwool and cloth trade; (loks) the inferior wool from the legs and belly of the sheep
wool, rejectwoolsacksackwool and cloth trade
woolclothsclothconsignmentcart, consignment, fardel, packtextiles
woolfellshides and skinsCC, dozenskins hides leather
writing pensutensils and equipmentbarrelbarrelhousehold goods
yarnyarnpackbale, packwool and cloth trade
yarn, macheyarnCCwool and cloth trade
yarn, wickyarnCCwool and cloth trade; possibly yarn used to make candle wicks