Extra detail

Note: Each book covers a single year from approximately Michaelmas (29. September). The exceptions are 1477-78 where 2 books make up the whole year, and 1493-4 which only covers 8 months. In order to allow comparison between individual years the annual figures in the tables represent those belonging to each accounting year and not to those of calendar years.

* indicates incomplete years.

Book RefYearperiod coveredmissing pages and extra detail
SC5/5/11430-31*9th October to 20th Septemberincomplete, starts Monday 9th October, finishes 20th September; last folio fragment only
SC5/5/31439-4030th September to 29th SeptemberSC5/5/3 edited by Barbara Bunyard has been used for the database; for 1439-40 there are two books A and B; they are almost identical, although A is slightly longer. A has been followed and B used as a supplement.
SC5/5/81447-481st October to 28th September
SC5/5/131461-6230th September to 28th September
SC5/5/141462-63*29th September to 29th September (see next column)two bifolios lost from second quire, entry for 17th March on xxiiii is followed by an entry for 28th March on xxix. It can be seen that two blank leaves have been cut out of the book at the very end
SC5/5/221477-7830th September to 16th Junecomplete over two books
SC5/5/231477-7817th June to 29th Septembercomplete over two books : folio 1-11 11th July to 29th September; folio 12 Broker's payments and quietus for settlement of account; folio 13-15 17th June to 10th July
SC5/5/281491-921st October to 30th September
SC5/5/291492-931st October to 30th September
SC5/5/301493-94*1st October to 28th Mayincomplete, finishes 28th May
SC5/5/331527-2830th September to 29th September
SC5/5/371538-3930th September to 29th September
SC5/5381539-4030th September to 29th September